Trade Practice Violations

TTB Signals Enhanced Enforcement Efforts


The U.S. Tax and Trade Bureau is the primary agency at the federal level that regulates alcohol and enforces trade practice violations. According to Beer Business Daily, the TTB appears to be ramping up its enforcement efforts:

The U.S. Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), which is the federal agency charged with regulating and taxing interstate bev-alc sales and distributors, issued an industry circular last week basically saying, in our words, "Hey guys, after 75 years, we woke up and are shocked, shocked to find that there are a lot of trade practice violations going on out there …”

The circular goes on to chronicle the most common offenses, mostly tied-house stuff regarding the prohibition of giving stuff of value to retailers, no consignment sales, no slotting fees, and the like…

We've seen a flurry of increased enforcement actions by the TTB in recent months, and this circular seems to point to more aggressive enforcement…

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