Arizona Cracks Down On ... Late Night Online Booze Sales?


Many states have restrictions on the hours in which liquor retailers can sell booze. Arizona is no exception, making it illegal to "sell, dispose of, deliver or give alcoholic beverages between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m." But in a move that will surely have implications for the future of the online booze economy, the state Attorney General has said that this restriction also applies to online alcohol sales:

[T]he way Attorney General Mark Brnovich sees it, you can't get on your computer and order booze between 2 and 6 a.m., even if you're not planning to have your order delivered until more reasonable hours -- and even if that order is going out of state.

The reason all this became a legal issue is because of questions raised John Cocca, director of the state Department of Liquor Licenses and Control. He said the way people buy beer, wine and hard liquor is changing.

"There are a lot more Internet sales and a lot more people ordering alcohol over the Internet or via the computer or over the phone,'' he said.

Web sites in particular operate on a 24/7 basis. They don't even require there be a live body at the other end...

Arizona's liquor laws apply not to individuals but instead to the sellers who all have to be licensed by the state. That includes out-of-state firms that need to get a permit before delivering their products here.

And that means it's the retailer who took that order at 3 a.m., Arizona time, who could wind up in legal hot water...

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R Street's Jarrett Dieterle has previously written about the future of the online booze economy for Forbes.


Arizona set to liberalize craft liquor laws

Christian Britschgi of reports:

"Few things help beat back the Arizona heat like a stiff drink from one of the state’s budding craft distilleries.

"Still, many Arizonans are forced to suffer the summer sun without their drink of choice due to the way the craft liquor industry is regulated in the state.

"Indeed, while craft liquor is experiencing something of a golden age across the country, Arizonian distillers are forced to contend with a raft of restrictions unique to their industry, inhibiting their ability to reach a growing base of thirsty customers.

"Fortunately for distillers and liquor connoisseurs alike, relief may be on the way..."

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