New Mexico: Restaurants Are Discounting Drinks TOO MUCH


In a feature piece on Applebee’s “Dollarita” (the chain restaurant’s famed $1 margarita), PUNCH notes that New Mexico actually forbids the restaurant from selling these cocktails for $1:

Consisting of an ounce and a quarter of tequila and nearly four ounces of Applebee’s house Margarita mix (the company uses an undisclosed proprietary formula), there’s nothing terribly unusual about the Dollarita—other than its price tag…

The patchwork of liquor laws in the U.S. does throw a bit of a wrench into the Applebee’s plan for Dollarita domination, though not as much as you might think. “It’s a big country with lots of laws, and we want to make sure we’re compliant,” says Kirk. “We work with many of the state liquor authorities to make sure this is the right thing to do.” In New York, for example, customers are limited to three drinks, and in New Mexico, Applebee’s cannot sell $1 drinks (though it can sell $2 ones). Despite this, Kirk says, “nearly 100 percent” of the locations do offer Dollaritas…

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This is likely the result of a provision in the state code that forbids “the sale or delivery of alcoholic beverages by the drink for less than half the usual, customary, or established price for a drink of that type on the licensed premises.” The result? Sadness for New Mexicans.