Connecticut's Minimum Liquor Pricing Laws to Remain


Connecticut’s previous governor, Dannel Malloy, had emphasized the need to reform the state’s notorious minimum pricing law for liquor, but ultimately was unsuccessful in changing it. Unfortunately, according to the Connecticut Post, the new governor has not prioritized the issue and repeal efforts have been put on the back burner again:

Without a governor that’s taking on the issue, Rep. Michael D’Agostino, co-chairman of the General Law Committee, said there will be no discussion about minimum bottle pricing this year.

Connecticut liquor laws establish a floor for liquor prices that, for the most part, retailers cannot go below.

Former Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said it amounted to a price fixing scheme. He tried for years to get lawmakers to repeal Connecticut’s minimum pricing laws, but ran into opposition from package store owners who are afraid they wouldn’t be able to compete with large retailers that would undercut them. Malloy argued Connecticut’s laws were unfair to consumers who could drive to a neighboring state and buy their alcohol for much cheaper prices…

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