New Report on North Carolina's Alcohol Control System


North Carolina is one of roughly a dozen states in which government still controls liquor sales at the retail level, and the state has recently endured a series of scandals and episodes of mismanagement involving its ABC system. Stemming from this, the John Locke Foundation has released a new report calling for the system to be privatized moving forward:

North Carolina opened the 20th century as the nation’s leader in legal distilleries. The state ABC system was devised to control liquor sales, and now North Carolina is one of just 17 states with control over wholesale distribution of liquor, one of only 13 states with government control over retail distribution of liquor, and the only one in the country with local government control of retail sales.

Other states let licensed private businesses handle wholesale and retail sales of liquor. That’s also what North Carolina does for beer and wine sales. Local breweries and wineries are flourishing under a relatively freer distribution system.

North Carolina’s budding distilleries could be doing the same if given the chance…

The whole report is well worth a read.