R Street's Jarrett Dieterle Interviewed About Illinois Beer Reform

IL Gov. Bruce Rauner

IL Gov. Bruce Rauner

Illinois recently enacted legislation allowing breweries in the state to offer products from outside alcohol producers, such as other nearby cideries or breweries. R Street’s Jarrett Dieterle was interviewed by the Heartland Institute about the law:

C. Jarrett Dieterle, a senior fellow with the R Street Institute, says the previous requirement was derived from an outmoded, government-mandated scheme of alcohol transport and sales.

“It all is derivative of the three-tiered system of alcohol distribution," Dieterle said. “There are different manifestations of the three-tiered system, but the general idea is that producers—the brewers and distillers of the world—produce the alcohol and then the distributers distribute it, and then the retailers sell it in stores, restaurants, taprooms, or pubs. The Illinois law was a vestige of that system, in a particularly stringent form, where basically the brewers had to go through a distributer to sell their own beer in their own taproom.”…

More freedom of distribution means more choices for consumers, Dieterle says.

“If you go to a brewery and all they can sell is beer, a gluten-free person can’t drink there, but if they’re allowed to sell cider from a cidery down the road, then it creates a better experience and helps the brewery and the cidery,” Dieterle said. “It’s a beneficial arrangement where the biggest winner is the consumer.”…

The whole article is available here.