It's time to privatize North Carolina liquor sales


After a recent audit uncovered millions in wasted money by North Carolina’s government-run liquor stores, new calls for privatizing alcohol sales in the Tarheel State have arisen. The president of the N.C. Retail Merchants Association recently made the case in The News & Observer:

In 1937, after the repeal of prohibition laws, the N.C. General Assembly established a monopoly system for North Carolina and the sale of spiritous liquors. Now, more than 80 years later, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission still does exactly that – controls alcoholic beverages in North Carolina.

They not only determine what brands of alcoholic beverages may be sold, maintain the state ABC warehouse for the distribution of liquor, regulate the sale of wine and beer, and issue permits for wineries, breweries, wholesalers, and retailers but they also, with total exclusivity, sell liquor by the bottle.

Simply put, the system hasn’t modernized with the times nor does it meet the needs and wants of today’s consumers.

North Carolina is only one of eight states that controls both the wholesale and retail sale of liquor and the only state where the stores are run by 168 local ABC Boards in individual cities and towns...

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