Oklahoma preps for freeing the drinks


In 3 weeks, a bevy of alcohol reforms will go into effect in Oklahoma, including allowing grocery stores to sell wine and higher-alcohol beer. According to OKCFox.com, stores are busy preparing for the big day:

We're just three weeks away from new liquor laws going into effect in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission (ABLE) is working overtime to get alcohol licenses to businesses across the state, as grocery stores and gas stations prepare to sell wine and high point beer.

Homeland grocery store on Classen and NW 18th has already stocked shelves with wine in anticipation of the big day. There is a sign letting customers know they can't buy it yet.

Many businesses are letting their 3.2 beer sell out so they're not stuck with low point inventory come October 1st.

"There’s been a lot of places that are completely empty," said Cindy Jones, manager of 50 EZ Shop. "We’ve just been selling out and not buying any."

Businesses have to apply for a retail license through the ABLE Commission to sell strong beer or wine. They also have to apply for employee licenses for those who make the transactions.

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