UPS and FedEx: Breaking Bottles on Purpose


New York's wine regulations have been a controversial topic covered on DrinksReform this year. The controversy continues, as UPS and FedEx are trashing wine shipments out of New York. This is completely both legal and intentional, Wine Searcher explains:

UPS and FedEx are confiscating and disposing of some wines shipped from New York retail stores to customers out of state.

It's totally legal for UPS and FedEx to do this, because wine shipping by retail stores to and from New York is not legal. The delivery company does not have to compensate anyone for the wine either.

Yet the idea that FedEx or UPS would let someone take a hammer and smash a bottle of Ch√Ęteau Margaux that some anxious enophile in Indiana ordered from a Manhattan retailer: for a wine lover, even if it's not your bottle, it's painful.

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