Minnesota Benefitting from Sunday Sales


Last year, Minnesota allowed Sunday alcohol sales. After a year, evidence suggests that this has been a beneficial move. While some businesses have seen this impact more than others, this is a sign of consumers choosing their product as opposed to harming the economy. Some people that were formerly opposed to allowing Sunday sales are now eating their words:

One year ago, on July 1, Sunday liquor store sales became legal in Minnesota for the first time. Although there are no definitive figures available to determine the economic impact on state liquor tax revenue and liquor store operations, there is some evidence it's been a positive move.

"It's not too soon to eat my words from last year," said Edina City Manager Scott Neal, who oversees operations at the city's three municipal liquor stores.

Last year he was among the majority of liquor store operators who thought Sunday liquor sales would be a money-losing proposition. Instead, he estimates gross sales are up about $240,000, with about $50,000 of that being profit.

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