The Wine Industry, it is A-Changing


On DrinksReform, we have talked about how companies are innovating to change the drinks industry. The wine industry is going to be a part of this change, Leslie Gevirts of Wine Mag explains:

“Changes in technology, business models and market structure are disrupting the global wine market and creating new sets of winners and losers among wholesalers, retailers and suppliers,” said Stephen Rannekleiv, global beverage strategist for the Netherlands bank.

Rabobank made note not just of direct-to consumer (DtC) wineries reaching out to customers, but also of Liberation Distribution or LibDib. The company is a three-tier online licensed distributor that connects wineries or importers with retailers and on-premise accounts. Right now, it’s only available in California and New York, but LibDib founder and CEO, Cheryl Durzy, said she has applications pending in several states in the West and the Midwest...

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