Whiskey Delivery Club


An Iowa Man has recently launched a unique and innovative alcohol subscription service, as reported by the Des Moines Register. His business is now expansive, as he tries to figure out how to overcome complicated and varying state liquor laws:

Club members pay $129 every 60 days for a box containing a 750 millimeter of whiskey from a featured distiller and some whiskey accessories, such as a glass and information about the whiskey-maker, Strable said.

“You can’t just go to (a grocery store) and get these bottles,” he said. The whiskey is generally from small-batch distillers with interesting stories and tasty products, he said.

Rackhouse now boasts customers in 17 states. New subscribers are joining all the time, he said.

An initial stumbling block was the multitude of state liquor laws that he had to work through to sell his whiskey boxes. He recently hired a Las Vegas-based fulfillment company that now takes care of that.

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