Pennsylvania Further Restricting Spirit Sales


While we have discussed that Pennsylvania may be rolling back some of its drinks laws, not all reports point in this direction. Jdsupra explains that some Pennsylvania distilleries may be restricted on their spirits sales:

"Limited distilleries and distilleries licensed in Pennsylvania are now restricted to selling up to 50,000 gallons of distilled spirits annually to Pa.L.C.B. licensees and permit holders. This does not restrict the amount of distilled spirits that a limited distillery or distillery may sell to consumers or the Pa.L.C.B., just the amount that may be sold to Pa.L.C.B. licensees through self-distribution.  This restriction will be combined for all limited distilleries or distilleries with common ownership, either directly or through a wholly-owned subsidiary.  Thus, if a person owns two limited distilleries, the two would be permitted to have combined sales of 50,000 gallons to Pa.L.C.B. licensees.  Upon reaching that 50,000-gallon limitation, all sales to Pa.L.C.B. licensees must be purchased by the respective licensee through the Pa.L.C.B., assuming such products are offered for sale by the limited distillery or distillery through the Pa.L.C.B..."

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