Kansas Allows Self-Service Beer Bars and Stronger Brews

Kansas was one of several states that still prohibited the popular self-serve craft beer bars that are sprouting up around the county. But according to the Lawrence Journal-World, state lawmakers have now legalized self-serve bars in addition to enacting a host of other beer reforms:

Bars and restaurants in Kansas will soon be allowed to start serving alcohol as early as 6 a.m., and pubs will be allowed to dispense beer through automated, self-serve taps.

Those are just two of the provisions of a multipronged alcohol bill that Republican Gov. Jeff Colyer signed into law Monday...

Other provisions of the bill allow microbreweries to produce beers with up to 15 percent alcohol by weight; regulate the sale and production of alcoholic candy and foods containing alcohol; and clarify existing statutes dealing with the sale of beer from microbreweries in refillable containers known as growlers.

The new laws will take effect when they are published in the Kansas Register, which is likely to be within the next few weeks.

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