Utah to require grocery stores to apply for new state license to sell beer


Utah currently only allows grocery stores to sell weak 3.2 ABV beer, and now state alcohol regulators are set to require the stores to apply for a new state-issued license to continue selling beer at all. According to Fox13now.com, the new rules are set to take effect this year:

Under a new law passed by the legislature, every single grocery and convenience store in Utah that wants to sell beer will have to apply for a liquor license.

They will apply for "off-premise" beer licenses that will subject them to new regulations from Utah's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The DABC said it will begin taking applications in July, when the law takes effect.

"The licenses were previously local and now with the new legislation, it will be overseen by the state," said DABC Commissioner Neal Berube.

Mom-and-pop convenience stores and mega-grocery chains will face inspections and, if there's violations, fines or revocation of their beer license. There are also new restrictions being put in place limiting beer displays to only two areas in a store and signage clearly warning that people are purchasing an alcoholic beverage...

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