Kentucky to Allow Direct to Consumer Shipments from Distilleries


Kentucky lawmakers appear to be on the cusp of legalizing direct to consumer sales from distilleries in the Bluegrass State. Shanken Daily News has the story:

A Kentucky bill allowing limited direct-to-consumer spirits and wine shipments is expected to be signed into law this week. Fueled by rising Bourbon tourism, HB 400 would permit visitors to the state’s distilleries and wineries to purchase bottles and have them shipped home, as well as join subscription clubs. The measure was approved by the state’s House last month and passed by the Senate on April 2. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has until Friday to either veto or sign the bill, at which time the legislation will automatically become law if no action is taken.

Under HB 400, visitors to Kentucky distilleries would be able to purchase 4.5 liters—or six 750-ml. bottles—per person per day for shipment, as well as receive shipments of up to one 9-liter case of spirits annually as part of a club membership...

Even if HB 400 becomes law, however, Kentucky distilleries would still have a limited shipping reach, with just eight reciprocal markets—Arizona, Washington D.C., Hawaii, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Rhode Island—allowing for interstate spirits shipments. In an effort to push for more direct-shipping freedom, the KDA has launched a “Bourbon Without Borders” campaign, which Gregory likens to the wine industry’s “Free The Grapes” platform. Interstate winery shipments are permitted in 44 states..."

Read more here. recently interviewed CEO Travis Benoit about the legal restrictions against interstate alcohol shipments.