Connecticut Kills Bill to Allow Distilleries to Serve On-Premise


Connecticut recently considered a bill that would have allowed distilleries in the state the ability to sell their spirits by the glass to on-premise visitors. According to the CT Post, the proposal was killed in response to opposition from the state restaurant industry:

A plan to allow state distilleries to sell their product by the glass on their premises will likely have to wait until next year.

A proposal before the state Legislature that would have put distilleries on par with their counterparts in the craft beer market was defeated after proponents of the restaurant industry, including state Rep. David Rutigliano, R-Trumbull, raised opposition.

Rutigliano said allowing distilleries — as well as breweries — to serve their manufactured products in a taproom setting is an unfair advantage compared to restaurants and bars. “At some point all these businesses have to decide what business they’re in,” he said. “Either you’re a bar or a manufacturer.”

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