Tennessee Officially Approves Sunday Wine and Spirits Sales


Tennessee's legislature has officially signed off on allowing Sunday wine and distilled spirits sales. According to the Tennessean, Gov. Bill Haslam will sign the bill into law:

Sunday wine sales are coming to Tennessee.

The Tennessee General Assembly this week approved legislation allowing Tennesseans to buy wine in grocery stores on Sundays and most holidays, and Gov. Bill Haslam said Wednesday he will sign it into law. 

The Senate on Wednesday voted 17-11 in favor of the bill — just two days after the House approved the measure. The bill would also allow liquor stores to open on Sundays.

Although the margin of the vote appears wide, the 17 votes in favor were the bare minimum needed to approve the bill. One less vote and the measure would have failed. 

There was a rare audible gasp inside the chamber after the vote was tallied. 

The Senate's passage of the measure sends it to Haslam's desk...

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