The Drinks Are Freed: Indiana Finally Allows Sunday Sales


We've noted in the past that Indiana has one of the most stringent Sunday blue laws on the books--it forbid all sales of carryout alcohol on Sundays. But now, after years of wrangling, state lawmakers have finally voted to allow Sunday booze sales and Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb has signed the measure. Drinks writer Chuck Cowdery recaps:

"This Sunday, for the first time ever, Indiana's liquor stores will be open for business. Indiana becomes the 41st state to allow Sunday liquor sales, according to the Distilled Spirits Council.

You might expect liquor store owners to celebrate the change, but they won't. Such is the peculiarity of politics in the highly-regulated world of alcohol.

Consumers, of course, almost universally favor Sunday sales. Those with religious objections are mainly the ones who don't. Also unhappy about the change are liquor retailers in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky who enjoyed a little extra business on Sundays from thirsty Hoosiers..."

Read Chuck's full post here.

As Chuck notes, Indiana lawmakers weren't able to clear away all of the state's antiquated booze laws. The Hoosier State's infamous "warm beer law" still remains in place.