Mississippi Legislature Considers Bevy of Changes to Alcohol Laws

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Mississippi is known for having some of the strictest alcohol laws in the United States, but the state legislature is again considering changes to loosen up the Magnolia State's treatment of booze. According to the Clarion Ledger, the state House passed several bills that will now make their way to the Senate:

John Barleycorn didn't die with a deadline for action this week, and the House on Wednesday passed several bills that would relax Mississippi's strict — some say arcane — alcohol laws.

The Mississippi Legislature for years now has been slowly repealing and tweaking its alcohol laws — to allow craft brewers and distillers to operate and residents to buy their goods, allowing voters to more easily turn their hometowns from dry to wet, allowing people to walk around with "go cups" in some areas and other measures. The push appears to continue this session ... Measures the House passed on to the Senate on Wednesday include...

  • House Bill 192: Would allow people to drive through dry areas in Mississippi carrying unopened alcohol and not face possession of alcohol in a dry county charges as they would now. This exemption would apply only to unopened alcohol containers, and only on state or federal roadways. The bill passed the House 91-19.

  •  House Bill 995: Would allow people who visit Mississippi distilleries to buy their products there..."

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