Vermont Starts Fining Bartender for Making Infusions


In the age of the craft cocktail boom, bartenders and mixologists are increasingly experimenting with infusions and other creatively flavored spirits to jazz up their cocktails. But in Vermont, that's illegal, and the state is starting to fine bartenders who disobey, according to WCAX 3:

"You might have seen it circulating online. Hundreds of signatures on a petition from Vermont bartenders demanding change to an old regulation that they say keeps them from trying new things with your drinks.

Whether you like them shaken or stirred, craft cocktails are creative in Vermont.

But local bartenders say a recent crackdown by the state liquor department is a buzzkill.

'Something that people loved here at El Gato is our infused tequilas,' said Tree Bertram, El Gato owner.

El Gato was recently fined $510 by the state for putting peppers in their tequila. That's illegal under current Vermont rules which ban businesses from changing liquor and then putting it back in a bottle..."

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