Mississippi Legislature Kills Bill Allowing Direct Wine Shipments


A state legislator in Mississippi recently introduced a bill that would have legalized direct wine shipments from wineries and retailers to Mississippians. Apparently, the bill has already died, according to The Northside Sun:

"House Bill 98, which would allow direct sales and shipments of wine to state residents, died in committee on January 30.

But, author of the bill, District 111 Rep. Charles Busby, says he’s fighting to bring the bill back for the 2019 legislative session. The idea came to Busby after he and his wife travelled out of town. They found a wine they loved and couldn’t ship it to their home in Gulfport...

Busby said he believes HB 98 didn’t pass because of a liquor store lobby, which is against wine and liquor sales bypassing local shops..."

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