Mini Bottles of Alcohol Banned in Massachusetts Town


We recently highlighted an article by Wayne Curtis on the history of mini bottles in America and the various government efforts to regulate and ban them over the years. Now comes news from the Boston Globe that the city of Chelsea, Massachusetts is banning them, blaming the bottles for the city’s public drunkenness problem:

This city wants to take a bite out of its public drinking problem. Well, a few nips, anyway. And the liquor industry is fighting back.

Chelsea this year became the first municipality in Massachusetts to ban the sale of the ubiquitous little liquor bottles, blaming them for contributing to public drunkenness in the downtown area it has worked hard to revive.

In pulling nips from store shelves last March, the city took a step that many others have considered without any real success, given the opposition from the package store industry.

Not surprisingly, the clampdown has sparked a backlash from Chelsea’s liquor stores, which have appealed the ban to the state, arguing it was approved without any evidence the stores themselves have done anything wrong…

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