Oklahomans Finally Can Enjoy Strong Beer


The moment Oklahomans have long been waiting for is finally here. Grocery stores and gas stations in the state are now officially allowed to sell wine and stronger-ABV beer, as TulsaWorld reports:

Moments after the clock struck midnight Monday, two young women approached QuikTrip cashier Tou Yang to purchase some full-strength Pacifico beer.

The women had stopped in because they were hungry, Yang said, but when they learned they would be the first customers at the 51st Street and 129th East Avenue store to legally buy stronger beer, they headed to the coolers in the back.

“They were pretty stoked, actually,” Yang said.

Most grocery stores and convenience shops will now offer cold, strong beer and wine after changes to Oklahoma’s liquor laws took effect Monday. Along with signifying the end of 3.2 beer, the changes allow liquor stores to refrigerate beer, sell nonalcoholic items and stay open longer, among myriad other changes

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