Wineries in California Can Finally Post Pictures of Events on Social Media


Under California’s antiquated tied-house laws, it was illegal for wineries to post photos on social media to advertise events like tastings at bars or restaurants. According to Wine Business, that is finally about to change:

California wine producers who want to promote an upcoming tasting at a hotel, bar, restaurant, wine shop or other licensed retailer in the state may soon be able to post a photo on social media of that venue before the event on social media. 

Assembly Bill 2452 which Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law on Sept. 22, gives wineries and alcohol producers the opportunity to post the photos ahead of the special event. The new law takes effect Jan. 1.

The bill was introduced to update tied-house rules that prohibited alcohol producers from posting photos of a venue hosting a special wine tasting event. Posting a photo of such a venue was prohibited advertising – an illegal gift of “something of value” to the retailer under “tied-house” rules. 

Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, D-Winters, sponsored the bill, saying the tied-house law is outdated.

"In today’s world of technology, social media, and fast-paced communication, prohibiting a winery or brewery from utilizing the full scope of social media is a competitive disadvantage. By allowing the limited use of photographs and sharing of website information, A.B. 2452 brings the law into the 21st century,” Aguiar-Curry said in an email…

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