Maryland Booze Laws Task Force 2.0


As covered previously, Maryland convened a task force last year—led by outspoken state comptroller Peter Franchot—that recommended an ambitious package of reforms to the state’s outdated and anticompetitive alcohol laws. Given Franchot’s outspoken nature, the recommendations created a bit of a firestorm in Annapolis, and even led resistant state legislators to float the idea of stripping Franchot’s office of its power to oversee alcohol regulation in the state. Now, rather than adopting the recommendation’s of Franchot’s task force, Maryland has convened a new one:

A new task force is reviewing alcohol regulations in Maryland, and the members are looking at everything from production and sales to the impact of alcohol on public health.

But mainly, they'll be looking at whether it's the Office of the Comptroller that should continue regulating the industry and enforcing liquor laws.

The Task Force to Study State Alcohol Regulation, Enforcement, Safety and Public Health results from legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly this year. It includes legislators, designees of the state Health Department and Maryland State Police and representatives of the Licensed Beverage Association, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the medical community, manufacturers, wineries and craft brewers, local law enforcement and members of the public…

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