Mississippi Legislator Introduces Bill to Allow Direct Wine Shipments


Amidst the ongoing debates surrounding direct-to-consumer wine shipments, a state legislator in Mississippi has introduced a new bill that would allow direct wine shipments from wineries and retailers to Magnolia State consumers:

"Charles Busby, R-Pascagoula, introduced a bill that would allow direct shipment of wine to Mississippi homes. It is similar to the bills he introduced the last two years when neither got out of committee. In 2015, Sen. Michael Watson, R-Pascagoula, introduced a broader bill that would have allowed direct shipment of wines that also would have allowed wine-only package stores and wine tastings. It met a fate similar to Busby’s bills.

Busby’s bill has several safeguards to try to prevent underage people from getting their hands on the alcohol, which has been a concern of opponents. It would require the boxes the wine to be “conspicuously labeled with the words ‘Contains alcohol: Signature of person age 21 years or older required for delivery.”

Fourteen states, including neighboring Louisiana, and the District of Columbia allow direct shipments of wine from retailers. Forty-five states allow direct shipments from wineries. Busby’s bill would allow shipments from both provided the shipper obtained a permit from the Department of Revenue..."

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