Tennessee Considers Bill to Free Up Sunday Wine and Liquor Sales


Tennessee has a unique version of a Sunday blue law: Beer is available for purchase on Sundays, but not wine and distilled spirits. Last year, several Tennessee lawmakers introduced a bill to change this, but it ultimately never passed. According to The Tennessean, they plan to try again in the current legislative session:

"Tennessee lawmakers are renewing a push to allow wine and liquor sales on Sunday, a move that could spur opposition from the state's liquor retailers.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Gerald McCormick of Chattanooga, would align hours of liquor and wine sales with beer sales. Under current law, both grocery stores and liquor stores are not allowed to sell wine and liquor on major holidays and between 11 p.m. on Saturday and 8 a.m. on Monday.

The legislation, similar to a bill filed in 2017, comes less than two years after grocery stores were permitted to sell wine. Consumers celebrated the measure, but wine and liquor store owners fought against it, fearing revenue declines.

McCormick, a Republican, said the legislative efforts stem from consumer demand, as constituents are complaining about the inability to buy wine on Sundays.

'That’s what’s driving it,' McCormick said, expressing optimism his new bill will not see similar infighting as previous alcohol bills..."

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