Another Step Toward Sunday Booze Sales in Indiana


As the brouhaha (don't call it a brewhaha) over Indiana's outdated alcohol laws continues, a key legislative committee has advanced a bill that would liberalize the state's current restriction on Sunday alcohol sales:

"For the first time ever, a key Indiana Senate committee has approved a measure allowing carryout Sunday alcohol sales.

The Senate Public Policy Committee, typically a graveyard for such bills, voted unanimously Wednesday to allow convenience, grocery, drug and liquor stores to sell alcohol from noon to 8 p.m. on Sundays.

The measure, Senate Bill 1, now moves to the full Senate.

The historic vote is the most significant step yet in the effort to end Indiana’s Sunday sales ban, which has been in place since federal Prohibition ended in 1933..."

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Despite the progress with Sunday sales, Indiana's reform efforts have still been unable to rid the state of its notorious "warm beer" law.  A state Senate panel voted 9-1 against legislation that would have allowed convenience stores and gas stations to sell cold beer, which likely means reform will have to wait another year (at least).