Pennsylvania Regulators Just Made It Harder for Restaurants to Order Fine Wine


Pennsylvania's Liquor Control Board (recently in the news for its liquor mark-ups) has struck again. According to The Inquirer, the PLCB has enacted new rules that will make it more difficult for restaurants in the state to obtain fine wine:

"Pennsylvania restaurateurs are alarmed by changes the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is making to the way they buy wines and spirits that are not carried by state stores.

Starting Oct. 1, restaurant owners and other licensees ordering through the state’s special liquor order (SLO) system will have to pay 100 percent up-front, and they won’t be allowed to inspect an order when they pick it up at the state store. To fix an order or get their money back, a convoluted seven-step process is involved.

The agency is implementing this new model on relatively short notice and at the beginning of the restaurant industry’s busiest season..."

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