Utah Governor Suggests New DUI Law Could Be Tweaked


Earlier this year, Utah signed a controversial DUI law that would lower the blood-alcohol limit for drunk driving to .05, from .08. This gave Utah the lowest DUI limit in the nation (see previous DrinksReform.org coverage here). Perhaps in response to blowback concerning this change--even MADD came out against it--Gov. Gary Herbert is signaling that the law could be reformed, according to The Salt Lake Tribune:

"While he’s backed off plans to call a special legislative session this year to alter Utah’s new toughest-in-the-nation drunken driving law, Gov. Gary Herbert on Thursday outlined some major changes he would like to see next year.

Those include imposing lighter penalties for those who barely exceed the new 0.05 percent blood alcohol limit for impairment, while continuing existing tougher punishment for those who violate the current 0.08 standard.

Another option, Herbert said, may be to delay the effective date of the law — now set to kick in on Dec. 30, 2018 — until after perhaps two or three other states pass similar legislation..."

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