New laws leave a bitter taste at Texas craft breweries


As previously covered on, Texas lawmakers passed a bill that is very unpopular among the Lone Star state's craft brewery community. The law sets a self-distribution cap of 225,000, after which breweries would be forced to use third-party distributors to deliver their beer. While this cap is quite high, the law raised eyebrows for explicitly carving out 3 specific Texas breweries that are owned by larger companies. Korri Kezar reports for the Houston Business Journal:

"The requirements of House Bill 3287 are a bitter brew for the craft breweries across the state, the Texas Tribune reported.

Under the rule, which was passed by Texas lawmakers during the most recent legislative session, breweries that produce more than 225,000 barrels per year must pay a distributor to deliver their beer. That’s even if the suds are being delivered inside the breweries’ own facilities.

A carve-out exempts three breweries from the regulations: Houston’s Karbach Brewing Co., which was bought by Anheuser-Busch InBev; Austin’s Independence Brewing Co., which was purchased by a Heineken subsidiary; and Granbury’s Revolver Brewing, which was bought by Miller-Coors...."

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