Is it time for Maryland to allow grocery stores to sell beer?


Maryland is one of a few states that still restricts grocery stores from selling beer (notably, numerous states prevent groceries from selling distilled spirits), and more Marylanders are questioning the wisdom of this decades-old policy. The Baltimore Sun reports:

"Benjamin Schwalb loves good beer so much he brews his own. He has a leadership post in a local brewing club and, as a connoisseur, seeks craft brews at specialty stores in his Severna Park neighborhood.

Maryland’s long-standing prohibition on beer sales in grocery stores baffles him.

“Other states sell beer in grocery stores. Why not Maryland?” he asked. It’d be much easier to scoop up his next favorite brew without making a special trip. “Especially now with the explosion of craft breweries, consumers need more venues.”

The idea of grocery store sales is popular with consumers, but Maryland’s brewery industry is far less enamored with taking on the political fight. Doing so would require upending Prohibition-era laws that protect liquor stores from chain store competition..."

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