Some U.S. States Are Cracking Down On Interstate Direct-To-Consumer Wine Shipping


As previously covered on, shipping companies and states are becoming more aggressive in cracking down on direct-to-consumer wine shipments. Thomas Pellechia writes more about the crackdown in Forbes, and proposes a solution:

"[M]any states are cracking down on what they perceive as illegal alcohol shipping. New YorkMichigan, and Illinois are at the top of the aggressive stance; PennsylvaniaSouth Dakota, and Arizona, new to allowing alcohol shipping, are looking closely to see what goes on...

While most states allow DtC from out-of-state wineries, only a handful allow it from out-of-state wine retailers. Retailers trying to ship DtC in states that do not allow it may not be able to persuade a pressured carrier to accept the wine...

An idea: create a universal license for both fulfillment centers and carriers who want them and allow universal interstate wine shipping for both wineries and retailers. Problem solved!" 

The whole article is well worth a read.