Wisconsin Legislator Introduces Bill to Reform State's Three-Tier System

According to The Cap Times, several Wisconsin lawmakers have introduced a bill that would reform the Badger State's three-tier alcohol distribution system by creating greater permitting flexibility and enacting other substantive changes:

"State Republican lawmakers say they want to restart a conversation about the state’s liquor laws by introducing a bill they say will remove barriers to business growth.

Rep. Gary Tauchen, R-Bonduel, on Tuesday filed a bill that he said aims to change a series of state liquor laws called the three-tier system. The system regulates how liquor, beer and wine are manufactured, distributed and sold in Wisconsin. For example, a business that makes alcohol cannot also distribute it. In addition, within the system, businesses that make the alcohol — brewers, wineries and distilleries — each have distinct rules they must follow.

Tauchen and his supporters, including Rep. Shannon Zimmerman, R-River Falls, who owns a winery, say there needs to be more flexibility within that system.

The regulatory structure was originally intended to prevent monopolies, but small craft brewers and wineries — which often operate their own tasting rooms or brewpubs — say it now does the opposite. Zimmerman and Tauchen say a fundamental change in policy is needed..."

Read more about the proposed changes here.