Shipping Companies Crack Down on Wine Shipments

According to, UPS and FedEx are starting to more rigorously enforce state laws that restrict the shipment of wines to consumers:

"Bad news for wine lovers (and Wine-Searcher users) in most of the United States: your ability to order wine may be about to be diminished.

UPS and FedEx are cracking down on interstate shipping of wine, according to wine retailers, so that stores you have been ordering from may start saying "Sorry, but no."

'I've been selling online to 47 states. Now they're going to cut it down to 16 states,' Marwan Bisher, president of The Wine Connection in California told Wine-Searcher. 'It does take a bite out of business.'

The crackdown is not a new law; instead UPS and FedEx are enforcing existing laws in many states that have not been friendly to wine shipping, says Tom Wark, executive director of the National Association of Wine Retailers..."

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This crackdown comes right at the moment direct-to-consumer wine shipping has become more popular than ever, according to a recent article in the Washington Post.