Massachusetts task force may fall short of goal to create "21st century alcohol law"


Massachusetts recently formed a task force with the goal of creating "a 21st-century alcohol law" for the state. But according to a report by the Boston Globe, it looks like the 21st century may still allude the Bay State when it comes to booze:

"Key members of the state's alcohol industry are tempering expectations that a task force reviewing Massachusetts' booze laws will deliver sweeping reforms to how beer, wine, and spirits are sold and distributed in Massachusetts, saying it's more likely to result in modest tweaks.

The task force, charged by state Treasurer Deborah Goldberg with creating 'a 21st-century alcohol law,' on Thursday issued a preliminary report identifying 12 issues, such as trade practices, licensing rules, and retail sales, that it intends to take on.

The list includes a number of highly controversial policy questions that have long divided businesses, health advocates, and policy makers.

Several alcohol-industry executives and lobbyists on committees advising the task force, however, sounded skeptical the effort can somehow solve these knotty, perennial disagreements. While more meetings are scheduled, they said they remain more or less entrenched in their existing positions..."

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