Minnesotans mob liquor stores to buy booze on Sundays for first time

Minnesota has finally repealed its Sunday "blue law," and Minnesotans are rejoicing by, uh, being able to buy booze on Sundays, of course! The Mercury News reports:

"People were lined up at the door to Haskell’s on Sunday morning. Others drove by the St. Paul liquor store honking and hooting.

The occasion: They were able to buy booze from a liquor store on Sunday, for the first time ever.

After a lifetime of no Sunday sales in Minnesota it was an adjustment for some. 'Yes, it’s new for all of us,'  Haskell’s manager Brent Gregoire said. 'I was just saying it feels like a Friday or a Monday.'

The ability to buy booze in Minnesota on Sundays came when state lawmakers, after years of rejecting Sunday sales, passed a bill this year wiping one of Minnesota’s so-called “blue laws” from the books. The change came after a big lobbying campaign helped sway public opinion and won over state lawmakers..."

Read more here: http://www.mercurynews.com/2017/07/03/minnesotans-mob-liquor-stores-to-buy-booze-on-sundays-for-first-time-in-a-century/