Why Beer Taxes Are $1.29 in Tennessee but Just 2 Cents in Wyoming

The Tax Foundation recently released its 2017 edition of beer tax rates across the United States, and Time's Money covered it:

"Looking for some home-state bragging rights? Sure some states offer natural beauty, others high-paying jobs. But you might also want to consider just how far your beer money will go.

Taxes are the single-largest component of beer's cost, sometimes reaching up to 40%, according to the Beer Institute, a trade group. And the 50 U.S. states take wildly divergent approaches when it comes to slapping excise taxes on lagers and ales, according to a new report from Washington think tank, the Tax Foundation, with differences boiling down to both politics and history.

Southeastern states -- which tend to boast low taxes on both income and property, and also have a strong tradition of Baptist Christianity, which frowns on alcohol consumption -- offset some of that missing revenue by taxing beer.

'After the repeal of Prohibition, some states used taxes to discourage alcohol consumption,' says Tax Foundation analyst Jared Walczak. Even as the teetotaling faded away as a political force, he adds, the higher taxes tended to remain in place..."

Read the rest here: http://time.com/money/4809035/states-beer-taxes-highest-lowest/