N.C. Brunch Bill Heads to the Governor's Desk

The alcohol reform movement appears poised to score a big victory in North Carolina. Last night, the state legislature passed omnibus legislation that includes the aptly named "brunch bill." The brunch bill would increase the number of bottles N.C. distillers can sell straight to customers (up to 5 per year from the current 1) and clear the way for restaurants to be able to start selling alcohol at 10am on Sundays rather than noon (making boozy brunches in the Tar Heel State a reality). The legislation now heads to the governor's desk.

John Trump has the full story for Carolina Journal:

"Should Gov. Roy Cooper agree with the legislature and quickly sign Senate Bill 155, North Carolina distillers — and possibly restaurateurs — will see a significant boost in sales as visitors as early as this coming weekend.

The N.C. Senate, in a marathon session Wednesday night that included some 80 bills, approved the so-called “brunch bill,” 37-9, without debate.

Distillers hope the governor signs the omnibus bill quickly, in time for the long holiday weekend.

'Senate Bill 155 offers substantial opportunity for our family owned distillery and drivers of tourism throughout our state,' said Gentry Lassiter of Lassiter Distilling Co. in Knightdale. 'We are thrilled at how our legislators worked together to pass this important bill, and we’re very hopeful Governor Cooper will sign it before the holiday weekend.'

The House on Tuesday approved the bill, clearing the way for N.C. craft distillers to sell five bottles to customers each year, instead of the current one, and — with local approval — allows restaurants and retail outlets to begin selling alcohol Sunday at 10 a.m., as opposed to noon..."

Read more about the bill here: https://www.carolinajournal.com/news-article/lawmakers-serve-cooper-bill-loosening-rules-on-distilleries-restaurants/

(H/T to our friends at Free to Brew for alerting us to this development).