Wisconsin legislators mulling proposal to curb craft brewery on-premise sales

Are Wisconsin lawmakers thinking about clamping down on on-site brewery taproom sales? Chris Crowell summarizes recent happenings in the Badger State for Craft Brewing Business:

"This is apparently the hot new thing for wholesaler lobbying groups to pitch to their state governments: Cutting back on taproom and to-go beer, on-premise sales, in order to reroute more of that business through distributors. To Southern states, this is old news, but Nebraska and Texas have dealt with this to some degree recently, and now legislators in Wisconsin had their monocles fixated on one such proposal earlier this month, according to the Green Bay Gazette..."

Read the rest here: https://www.craftbrewingbusiness.com/news/wisconsin-legislators-mulling-proposal-to-curb-craft-brewery-on-premise-sales/

UPDATE: The AP reports that Wisconsin brewers are worried that last-minute regulations targeting their ability to sell directly to consumers could be snuck into the state's budget legislation. DrinksReform.org will continue to monitor developments in Wisconsin as we learn more.