Founder of MADD says Utah’s new drunk driving law is an unhelpful distraction

Utah recently lowered the blood-alcohol limit for what constitutes drunk driving (covered previously on In response, the founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving has written an op-ed opposing the change and claiming it distracts from other serious driver safety concerns:

"Back in the early years at MADD we focused on getting serious drunk drivers off the road. Believe it or not, back then someone who was pulled over for drunk driving might be sent on their way by an officer with little more than a casual "get home safe." As a result many lives were unnecessarily lost, including my daughter's. In the more than 35 years since MADD's founding, we have fought drunk driving ferociously and saved countless lives in the process.

But today, the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction — with government agencies pushing states to arrest people for having little to drink before driving instead of pursuing strategies to tackle serious distraction and impairment. Anyone who works in traffic safety knows that most highway deaths are not caused by drivers with low blood alcohol content levels, but are the result of drivers with substance abuse disorders. Focusing finite resources on casual drinkers instead of drug and alcohol abusers is a miscalculation with deadly consequences..."

Read the whole op-ed here: