Why this year's version of the omnibus liquor bill in Minnesota is getting so much pushback

Earlier this year, Minnesota O.K.ed a proposal to allow liquor stores to sell booze on Sundays, and apparently some of the state's legislators have decided that that's enough reform for one year. Briana Bierschbach has the full story for MinnPost:

"For years, budding booze industries have had a good thing going in St. Paul. 

Minnesota legislators opened up the gates in 2011 with the “Surly bill,” named after the popular Minneapolis craft brewery that spearheaded an effort to allow breweries to serve pints of their beer on-site. A few years later, a bill followed that allowed craft distilleries to serve their own products on-site as well. Those changes helped start a craft alcohol boom, with taprooms and cocktail rooms opening up across Minnesota.

In the years since, legislators from both parties have opened up the laws even more, allowing small breweries and cocktail rooms to directly sell niche servings of their product, like 64-ounce jugs known as growlers, for customers to take home.

But a new slew of proposals introduced during the 2017 session, measures that would expand growler and craft liquor sales even more, are now in doubt. And at least part of the reason, advocates say, is because of another change the industry supported: Sunday liquor sales.

Legislators voted earlier this session to lift the state’s 159-year-old prohibition on Sunday liquor sales, a proposal long opposed by many of the state’s small independent liquor stores.

Dayton signed the Sunday liquor sales bill in March, and legislators who were on the fence over the issue have said the feel that lifting the ban is enough changes to the state’s alcohol regulation for one session. So now they’re pushing back on a handful of changes in the omnibus liquor bill, the state’s yearly package of alcohol law changes..."

Read the rest of the story here: https://www.minnpost.com/politics-policy/2017/05/why-years-version-omnibus-liquor-bill-getting-so-much-pushback-capitol

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