Kansas Legislature Considers Alcohol Tax Increase

Facing a state budget shortfall, the beverage industry in Kansas remains leery that state politicians will turn to them for additional revenue. Madison Coker reports at The Gardener News:

"As Kansas lawmakers continue to struggle with balancing the budget, a tax increase for alcohol might still be in play.

Facing a projected budget shortfalls of nearly $900 million through June 2018, Gov. Sam Brownback proposed a budget plan in January that included a 100 percent liquor sale tax increase, doubling it from 8 to 16 percent. While that budget was not approved, people involved in liquor sales are worried their industry could take a major hit if the budget crisis comes down to the last minute.

Executive Director of the Kansas Beer Wholesalers Association Jason Watkins said while most see a huge alcohol tax unlikely, legislators have not completely tabled the idea. 'We want to make sure we are there when they get to eleventh hour, they do not turn to alcohol taxes to find those extra dollars,' Watkins said.

Watkins is a creator of Ax the Tax, a campaign to advocate against the potential alcohol tax. Supporters of the movement include restaurants, bars and liquor stores across the state..."

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