Department of Liquor Control Plans To Approve 'Agency' Liquor Stores by January in Maryland's Montgomery County

Maryland's Montgomery County may finally be making moves to loosen its monopolistic grip on liquor retail stores. Andrew Metcalf reports for Bethesda Magazine:

"More liquor stores could be coming to Montgomery County soon.

Robert Dorfman, director of the county’s Department of Liquor Control, said Thursday he’s looking into establishing criteria so the department can contract with privately owned beer and wine stores to sell spirits such as vodka, rum or whiskey.

A state bill approved by the General Assembly this year gave the county the right to establish “agency” stores to sell liquor and enabled the DLC to determine the criteria by which the department will approve stores to sell spirits. Currently, liquor is only sold at the 27 county-run liquor stores.

The bill was designed to give county residents additional options for buying liquor after liquor industry representatives told legislators that the county was underserved by the existing number of stores when compared to state and nationwide averages..."

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