Direct-To-Consumer Wine Sales Is The Future That Has Arrived

The push for more direct-to-consumer sales of alcohol is on, and Thomas Pellechia writes in Forbes about recent trends in direct-to-consumer wine sales: 

"Before Prohibition, wine in the U.S. could be bought in many different ways and without much regulation. But in 1933 Congress gave individual states the power to control beverage alcohol. One result of that power was a general—and unconstitutional—ban on wineries shipping products across state lines direct to consumers' homes. A narrow Supreme Court decision in 2005 set the stage for dismantling that restriction, but at twelve years old, modern-day DtC is a relatively new concept; its potential to increase winery revenue has yet to be tapped to the fullest...

In 2012 DtC sales represented 49 percent of overall revenue for wineries that took advantage of it. The SVB survey found that percentage has increased in 2017 to 61 percent of wine revenue. The panelists see DtC as the future for wine selling..."

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