Kentucky lawmaker charged with breaking liquor law he tried to change

From the Lexington Herald Leader comes news that a Kentucky state representative has been charged with violating a state law that requires alcohol being delivered to retail outlets to only be transported in state-approved vehicles. The lawmaker, who owns a chain of liquor retail stores in the state, was transporting liquor between his stores when he was caught. He now could face a fine or even jail time:

"State Rep. C. Wesley Morgan, R-Richmond, has been charged with breaking one of the half-dozen liquor laws he attempted to change during the 2017 General Assembly.

Morgan, 66, who owns a chain of Liquor World retail stores in south-central Kentucky, was charged April 26 with illegally transporting alcoholic beverages through dry or moist territory.

A Barbourville police officer said he caught Morgan illegally carrying “a large amount of assorted liquor” in the back of a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, according to the police citation. Morgan told the officer he was moving the liquor between his stores.

Under Kentucky law, alcohol can be delivered to retail outlets or bars only by vehicles that have a state-approved transporter’s license. The crime with which Morgan is charged is a Class B misdemeanor that can bring up to 90 days in jail, a $250 fine or both..."

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