Cheers to promoting free-market principles in liquor sale

R Street's Christian Cámara wrote an op-ed for the Sun-Sentinel on the Florida legislature's recent move to loosen rules that restrict what stores liquor can be sold in:

The Florida Legislature last week acted to join the majority of states in modernizing its alcohol sales laws. Senate Bill 106, which currently awaits Gov. Rick Scott‘s signature, repeals an unnecessary and costly regulation that prevented grocery stores and other businesses who hold liquor licenses and already sell beer and wine inside of their stores from being able to sell distilled spirits inside their stores also.

This commonsense legislation removes government from decisions businesses make about how they operate, while granting brick-and-mortar establishments the freedom to find innovative ways to compete with the convenience of a growing online marketplace.

Many who read about the legislation — often referred to in the press as the “Whiskey and Wheaties” bill — never make it past the headline to understand the bill was less about liquor sales and more about allowing the free market into an industry that long has been dominated by government protectionism. Simply put, in keeping with Prohibition-era restrictions, the government has kept its thumb on the scale to assist one business model over another — a practice that is inherently unfair to both businesses and consumers...

Read Cámara's whole op-ed here:

The legislation now heads to Florida Gov. Rick Scott's desk. The governor is facing intense pressure from lobbyists hoping for a veto, as covered here

R Street and Cámara have previously written and testified about this legislation, as covered here, here, and here.