Bill proposes allowing beer and wine sales before noon on Sunday in Texas

A bill has been introduced in the Texas legislature that would eliminate the state's version of a modified "blue law," allowing beer to be sold before noon on Sundays. Troy Kless has more for KBMT-TV:

"It's fine for anyone 21 or older to buy beer or wine after noon on Sunday. But a Texas lawmaker wants to take away the time restraint.

Emily Elliott, a Lamar Institute of Technology student has worked at a convenience store in Kountze. She's rejected a customer for getting beer too early on Sunday morning.

"They get kind of upset in person when you tell them like, 'Oh you have to wait until 12:00,'” Elliott said.

"They'll always say ‘that's so stupid, I don't understand,’ but that's just a rule they have," Elliott said.

In this year’s state legislative session, House Bill 327 seeks to allow holders of beer and wine off-premise retailers to sell as early as 7:00 a.m..."

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