Georgia Governor Signs Booze Bill Into Law, Allowing Direct Sales at Breweries and Distilleries

Georgia recently enacted a set of reforms that will allow breweries and distilleries to sell their products directly to consumers, as well as allowing them to offer on-site sales of booze to visitors. As Eater: Atlanta reports:

"Georgia Governor Nathan Deal just made sweeping changes to the state’s alcohol regulations official, signing Senate Bill 85 into law on Monday. The legislation allows breweries and distilleries sell directly to consumers, and it will go into effect September 1...

The bill passed both houses of the state legislature and was sent to Governor Deal’s desk in MarchFirst introduced in the Georgia Senate in January, it updates state law to allow breweries to sell 3,000 barrels of their beer per year directly to customers. Upon Senate passage, the House took up a substitute that added language to allow local distilleries to directly sell 500 barrels of spirits per year. For off-site consumption, thirsty Georgians will be able to purchase up to a case of beer and three 750 ml bottles of liquor at a time from brewers and distillers, respectively.

The new law loosens regulations that required the state’s breweries and distilleries to distribute their products through wholesalers... The most noticeable change for local booze aficionados may be how breweries and distilleries offer drinks for on-site consumption. No longer will they be forced to offer paid tours of their facilities that come with limited samples of their beverages..."

Read the whole thing here:

This reform is a marked improvement over the previous status quo in Georgia, in which brewers were merely allowed to offer a "free souvenir" of up to 72oz. of take-home beer to visitors who paid for a brewery tour, as discussed by R Street's Jarrett Dieterle in a piece for The Federalist